Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Once Upon A Prom - Riverside, CA

Model: CX Member, Rachael Dzikonski Art by Dave Warner

Once Upon A Prom, Fairy VS Scary Tails is right around the corner. CX members Rachael Dzikonski and Sydney Atherton teamed up with local legend Dave Warner to produce the awesome promo material for this years party.

Model: CX Member, Sydney Atherton Art by Dave Warner

Riverside Prom is a themed costume party which takes place in Riverside, CA once a year. Dave Warner began hosting Riverside Prom back in 2002 with themes like Heroes & Villains, Slumber Party Slaughter, Jocks VS Nerds, Prom In Space, Promageddon, & more. Pictures and info are available on the Riverside Prom website and Facebook.

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