Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Turn Up The Vote Live - San Bernardino, CA

There has never before been an event like this in San Bernardino. An independent, grass-roots, FREE family friendly art & music festival for a cause that is going to bring community back into the heart of downtown San Bernardino, all in the name of unity and change!! The cut off date for residents to register to vote is Oct. 22nd, the goal of this is to inspire the masses of San Bernardino residents to register and actually VOTE in the upcoming November 5th City Council election.

Out of a 200 thousand plus population only 12% actually care to vote and exercise their VOICE. That means that virtually NO YOUNG PEOPLE whatsoever have cared to vote, for far too long. And yet people everywhere so easily complain about the broken and bankrupt city. If ever there was a moment in time for 'we the people' of all age and status to UNITE together to accomplish vital change it is now! It is time to ENGAGE and become ACTIVE. It is time to care and do something about it. Educate yourself about the people that are seeking to lead San Bernardino's future and understand that often times some of these candidates win their positions by as little as 5-10 votes!!! If you take that in, you will realize how significant it is for as many people to vote as possible and help to balance the scales and make things fair. It is our duty and responsibility.

The teams at ZEALOUS Life and SBgenerationNOW, among many others, are groups committed to doing everything possible to help achieve progress. We hope that the creative energy BOOMS from this event like a beacon of hope that ALL the current/campaigning politicians as well as the business and community leaders will take to heart.

This event will feature over 20 San Bernardino natives and 'supporting SB' artists creating LIVE paintings of their own visual manifestations from select event theme keywords.

( Zealous / San Bernardino / Unite / Community / Rise-up / Leadership / Create / Change / Restore / Hope / Set-Goals / Innovate / Culture / Dream / Integrity / Equality / Strength / Generation Now )

There will be a diverse performance line-up of top/up-coming active SB-native and 'supporting SB' musical artists, a kids activities station for crafts and face painting, jumper, food vendors and much more. Candidates for each of the seven city council wards are being invited to participate in direct discussions with attendees so as to better highlight their positions and the political process.

Learn which ward you live in here:
- SB ward map:
- Zoom view:

Turn Up The Vote Live

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