Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Artscape: Call For Artists

The ongoing Artscape exhibition at the County Administrative Center is coordinated by the Riverside Arts Council as part of its Art in Public Places Program. The bi-annual exhibitions are designed to showcase the unique and inspiring aspects of life in Riverside County. The artwork featured can be found in the main lobby, executive office lobby and the board of supervisors lobby.

The purpose of the Artscape exhibition is to show the wide range of talented artists found within Riverside County and to illustrate how art can be inter-woven into our daily lives. The Art in Public Places Program is dedicated to taking art out of the museum and placing it where people can view it on a regular basis. The artists featured come from a variety of backgrounds, and are representative of the diversity found within the Inland Empire's population.

The current exhibit runs from March until February 2014 featuring artwork by:
Terry Chacon, David Fairrington, Michelle Fernandez, Eduardo Guiza, Sue Lagman, Ralph LeMaster, Star London, Michael Mazgai, Nathaniel Osollo, r. mike nichols, Froukje Schaafsma, Daniel Schroeder, Sharon Suhovy VanderMeiden Maggie Tello Case, Debra Wachsman, Leilani Child Wilds, Kimberly Wlassak.

On-Going Call for Artists

We are currently accepting submissions for the Spring & Summer exhibition. To submit artwork, please download the Submission Checklist and send your completed submissions and any questions to Rachael Dzikonski via email at rachael@riversideartscouncil.com

Deadline to submit for the Spring & Summer exhibition will be January 31, 2014


  1. Ummm....the checklist download comes up with a notepad document full of fodder! Help!

    1. The submission checklist is a .doc file format which requires MS Office. However, there is an easy and free fix for that. Your best bet is to download it (which you've done) and then upload it to your Google Drive. Once it's in Drive you can read and print it.

      Here is a link for some other FREE options: