Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Instagramers #freeartsmovement

Free Art by Nick Bahula / Instagram @bahula
Free Art by Nick Bahula / Instagram @bahula
CX Artist Nick Bahula has become known for leaving his wood block photo transfers where ever he goes. His photos on Instagram have followers searching high and low for these hidden gems.

Free Art by Paige Zimmerman / Instagram @pzimm14
Deeply rooted in graffiti culture right along side slap tags, wheat paste posters, and the tile mosaics of Space Invader, the Free Arts Movement takes it a step further. Paired with social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, artists all over the globe have embraced this movement giving it a new life. Posting photos of their art work placed in vague locations, these artists are making our daily lives a scavenger hunt full of wonderful surprises.
Are you a Free Arts Movement artist? Have you been lucky enough to come across free art in your neighborhood? If so, jump on Instagram, follow freeartsmovement and #freeartsmovement to share your findings (or leavings) with the world.

Free Art by Mutestur / Instagram @mutestur
Free Art by Wesley Moose / Instagram @wesleymoose

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