Monday, September 8, 2014

Art Cosplay Expo 2014 - Temecula, CA

Collaboration X was invited to host an art demonstration at ACE14 this past Saturday in Temecula. ACE is the valley's only annual event featuring art exhibits and everything anime, manga, comics, steampunk, table top gaming and more.

For this event Collaboration X member Jon Roach teamed up with fellow artist Dave Warner to demonstrate the wonders of chromadepth 3d art.

Chromadepth 3D is a stereoscopic effect based upon differences in the diffraction of color through a special prism-like holographic film fitted into glasses that give the illusion of colors taking up different positions in space, with red being in front and blue being in back.

CX member Rachael Dzikonski as The Phoenix. Chromadepth 3d art by Dave Warner

Dave's neon-like color scheme and iconic character selection was an instant eye-catcher.


Using brightly colored chalk and black paper, the two artists engaged a crowd of cosplayers with a hands on demonstration introducing the effects of Chromadepth 3D. Check out the results:

For more Chromadepth 3D art visit

Darth Vader, Chromadepth 3d art by Dave Warner

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