Amanda Millar

Amanda Millar is an ALL Media artist with a focus in Textiles. She was born is Arizona and has lived primarily in Southern California since childhood. Since she was a foot smaller, her artistic progression has transformed starting with drawing into sculpture, then painting, onto book making and paper collage, then photography in an attempt to go to college. And finally after one of the most influential people in Amanda’s life passed onto the next world, she was left with a kingdom of possibility in textile arts. She now spends most of her artistic energies sewing….anything from patchwork to abstract quilts to plush dolls and characters to keep her company. Amanda also enjoys the challenges of doing custom orders and donation pieces for programs like ASYMCA Camp Pendleton’s Operation Kid Comfort Project and The Salvation Army Riverside Corps Community Center ‘Transformed Treasures’. When she’s without a needle and thread, Manda supervises our future during an elementary afterschool program called H.E.A.R.T.S.

Amanda keeps busy and likes it that way. She hopes to have her first solo textile show within the next year and is actively planning new projects like sewing classes to be offered from her downtown studio in the Life Arts Center in downtown Riverside, which is open to the public every 1st Thursday during Artswalk. To add to the broad spectrum of her life’s work, she’s planning on building her own home in the very near future, an Earth Ship, in her home state of Arizona and disappearing from everything that’s comfortable.

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