Rick Rodriguez


Los Angeles native Rick Rodriguez has a distinctive way of combining street, rural, cultural and musical influences onto found objects. He collectively uses images of intense passion so vividly by means of the environment as his canvas. Painting with brilliant colors, traditional, abstract, surreal and urban styles with provocative beauty, using products of his surroundings; building grand scenes with either collective scales using doors, textures, wood, metals, pallets, surfaces; old and new. Bringing his ideas to life; using life experiences as a key influence to give off immense chemistry between breathtaking visuals as well as momentous storytelling. Rick is a constant innovator in materials and design. He speaks through a relationship with his work to his audience. By this he creates his rapport with different painting techniques through materials; using acrylics, oils, markers, yarn, fabrics, and other various materials. His talent will leave you enthralled. Creating an imprint of fascination for his ability of what he will present next. Rick Studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute in San Diego, Ca and he presently works in the Multi-Media Field. Rick is a mixed media artist, and some sort of a vagabond. He moved to the inland Empire in the 90's, then moved to san diego in 1994. He moved back to san bernardino in 2007 and opened up an art space in riverside called "tree house gallery." He has been painting and creating since he can remember but didn't start becoming more active in the art community and seriously showing his work until 2007.He has continuous involvement in various collaborations, events, live paintings, mural, art showings and even plays music in a band called mexico68. He enjoys horseback riding, fencing, hiking, yoga, wine tasting, long walks on the beach, and creating art!! But most of the time he's just day dreaming, creating art or music and struggling to make ends meet.

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